Sunday, 13 March 2016

What's In A Warehouse ?

A warehouse or a distribution centre as it is called interchangeably is a place used to store goods. The goods from there are distributed to consumers for consumption.

Warehouse management is the process of coordinating the incoming  goods in the warehouse, their storage, subsequent tracking inside the warehouse and eventually distribution outside to the product's destination. 

A warehouse is empty without any form of product inside it. The delivery to the warehouse is done by trucks, rails, or ships. The received goods are processed and then sent to warehouse for storage purposes. 

Inventory control is related to warehousing in a way that inventory control is the process of searching and finding the product inside the warehouse accurately so that it is delivered just-in-time. 

To complete the order, process of selecting products is called order picking.  Some order picking procedures are as follows:
  • Pick-by-order - Selected products are picked on a per order basis. 
  • Pick-by-article - Product multiples are selected to complete orders.  Products are aligned with a staging area and clubbed with other products to complete the order.
  • Wave - Products are collected based on a shipping criteria. 
  • Reverse Order - A part of an order is held so that it can be clubbed with another order.

Packaging and labelling are also a part of warehousing. Proper packaging is mandatory to prevent loss of goods due to damage. The exercise of Labelling is important in warehousing as it helps to easily identify, track and select a product to complete the order. 

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