Sunday, 1 May 2016

Issues In Warehousing

There are certain issues that might affect warehousing big time. Some of them are listed as follows:
Market and product stability
The long-term market growth and the product's stability will influence the size of the warehouse as well as its location. This will also affect the prospective space / location of the warehouse. These considerations can also affect the kind of warehouses and the technology, which is to be used.
Kinds of materials to be stored / handled
Materials can be raw materials, original equipment manufacturer auto spare parts, packaging materials and finished goods. The units stored can vary and be such as carton boxes, containers for liquid boxes, drums, sacks and loads. In case of perishables, special requirements can also be met for temperature and humidity. All this will influence the kind of warehouses and the technology level used.

Warehouse facility: kind, size and location
A warehouse's kind, size and location will also depend on the position of the warehouse in a supply chain network. The inventory level, customer base, the requirement for inventory optimization and overall customer levels should also be considered when deciding the kind, size and location of the warehouse.
Choice of unit load
The selection of unit load such as tote bins, pallets, rolls etc. will depend on the kind of materials stored in the warehouse. Inside a warehouse, it can influence the kinds of storage systems and the options of equipment handling. In terms of transport, it can affect its operations in terms of vehicle loading and unloading and vehicle utilisation.
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