Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mystery Shopping

The concept of Mystery shopping is quite simple. It includes the acitivity of gathering information specific to some products or services. It also helps to measure the product's complaince with regulations or measure the quality of the service or the product. The mystery shopper who does mystery shopping does not disclose his identity to the entity who is being measured.

Mystery shopping is done offline and online too. If the retail chain has an online website then the retail store's online services are measured by the mystery shopper.

These shoppers pose as real world consumers and use the same steps to purchase the product as that used by a normal consumer. The mystery shopper registers on the online portal, purchases the product or service, gives feedback on the purchase or complaints about the inaccuracy of the delivery. 

There are some specific companies in market who offer such services to other businesses such as Boundless.

Usually a mystery shopping provider, hires consumers who register themselves with the mystery shopping provider. These consumers are assigned a specific task which they perform.

There are some details that is measured by mystery shoppers.These include the following :

1.       The number of employees in the store while a person enters the retail shop
2.       The time taken by the retail shop to greet the mystery shopper
3.       Meauring whether or not the greeting by the shop employee was friendly
4.       Shop's employee name
5.       The kinds of products shown to the shopper or the kinds on the display
6.       The questions about the product that a shopper asks- whether they are answered or not and if they are, are they accurately answered
7.       Whether the shop employee attempted to close the sale or not
8.       The sales argument used by the employee
9.       Check if the shop employee offered any additional product for selling
10.   Check if the employee invited the customer back to the shop or not
11.   Check the cleanliess of the store
12.   Check the service's speed
13.   Check the product and the shop's appearance compliance with the regulations.

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