Monday, 8 February 2016

Our Key Services

They say that one who is not in touch with technology is not part of the changing world. Thus, e-commerce aids in bridging that gap and provides the consumer shopping experience sitting at home. E-commerce is said to be a set of commercial transactions executed over the internet. Many online portals aid consumers to do shopping at a single click of a mouse sitting at home. Boundless helps those consumers who like to sit back and relax and do shopping from home by identifying fraudulent products on these online portals. We also help to continuously upgrade content on such websites bringing the latest online. We help consumers in the following areas:
•Mystery Shopping- Boundless has killer eyes when it comes to identifying fake products online. We also help tell our customer whether the product or its owner is adhering to the regulations. From a business point of view, we help in providing insight as to  how sales can be driven and from a consumer point of view, we help consumers prevent from executing transactions for fake products. 

•Process Audits- This is another area where Boundless is an expert. We help you by determining that your processes, operations, projects and products are in line with market standards and regulations. We use certain tools to execute process audits so that you get a world-class process that saves both your time and money. 

•Preparation of Standard operating procedures- Boundless also aids in preparing you a standard operating process that is a benchmark. This procedure acts as a measure against which when any process measured, a deviation can be noted. When followed, the standard procedure helps you attain a quality product or service. The process also helps in making timely and accurate decisions. We also help in implementing them in your business. 

•Seller verification- We help you verify your sellers from which you buy products or services. sYou may further use these products in delivering your business service or in delivering your final product. By providing verification services, we help you from any fraud and thereby protect your reputation in the market in the long run. This may also prevent you from landing in a loss. 

•AR reconciliations- Boundless helps in reconciling your entries in the system of accounts receivable (AR). The reconciliations help in keeping track and is pretty important especially when the transaction is in lakhs of rupees.

•Data Analysis- We assist you in data modelling, thereby revealing important information in the process. This information, when unearthed, helps you make further, important decisions and also recommend conclusions. 

•Seller registration- When you have to list your product online on a portal, then VAT / CST registration is very important for sellers. Thus, we help manufacturers in providing registration, irrespective of their area. 

•Warehouse audit- If you have warehousing facilities for your customer then you need a friend who helps in effective tracking of your existing warehouse process. We study your current warehouse process and identify gaps in it so that you get a better-improved procedure which is beneficial both in time as well as in cost. 

•Stock verification- We help in comparing the book stock with your actual material stock and list down all gaps, thereby reporting any loss of inventory. 

•Content Update- We help all sellers update content on online portals so that they stay ahead in the competition. 

•Customer Satisfaction- Boundless helps in identifying what clicks a customer and what turns him or her off. We help gather customer feedback through conducting surveys and prepare a report for the business so that the business can act upon it immediately. This way we help the business' customer in attaining the service and provide him with utmost satisfaction. 

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