Thursday, 14 April 2016

Implementing 5s In Warehouses

Boundless is one company that helps in implementing 5s, the Japanese methodology built in 1970s.  
We implement 5s in varied workplaces for you and warehouse in one such place where 5s when executed bring beautiful results. 


Sort or Seiri - This phase in 5s sorts the workplace i.e. unwanted things are removed for making space. This way new things can be accommodated in warehouse and existing  things that need space can get storage. The phase helps you retain essential things only which are required. One also can set priorities using last-in-last-out method or first-in-first-out. Boundless helps you do just that.

Tools that might be required include:
     1. Red tags
     2. Equipment tags
Straighten or Seiton - The phase helps streamline the warehousing process and eliminates wastage. Boundless helps you with seiton in reducing wastage of time and resources.
Tools that might be required include:
      1. Warehouse signs
      2. Labels / inventory tags
      3. Floor identifiers / markers 
Shine or Seiso - In an effort to know where is efficiency lacks, the warehouse's shine is mandatory. Boundless helps recommend any spill or leak fixtures to prevent hazards. 
Tools that might be required include:
      1. Spill kits  
      2. Janitorial supplies
Standardise or Seiketsu - Boundless in order to bring efficiency, executes consistency. The standard procedures are well documented in terms of work manuals. Another way to standardise is to conduct regular training sessions where emergency management is taught. 
Tools that might be required include:
       1. Training manuals
       2. Work posters 
Sustain or shitsuke - It is human nature to roll back to older methods but it is quite important to hold on to new processes after all, 5s is striving towards continuous excellence rather than to get stuck with old rotten techniques. 
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