Monday, 11 April 2016

Offering The Best Warehousing Process Alternatives

Usually there are three kinds of warehouses
   •  High rack warehouses
      Offering a height of 50 metres, high rack warehouses provide maximum space utilisation. These kinds help store heavy and large volumes of goods. High rack warehouses can be further connected to a logistic centre's stations.  It should have essentials such as racks, delivery vehicles, stacker cranes and racking storage. It should have own control techniques that trigger effective material delivery.

  •  Small parts storage
    This kind of storage provides quick access to the goods stored. It enables high stock rotation. Through small parts storage, just in time production procedures are kept in place. The items in small parts storage are stored in small volume loading items like trays and plastic containers.  

     The storage aids in total space utilisation for a logistics centre and in ideal storage density. 
Centered around frequency of access of individual goods, the technique helps in multiple deep storage. The storage includes shuttle-systems, retrieval motor vehicles and racking storage. It also has a provision of electrical and mechanical maintenance.

     We at Boundless make a superb set of procedures that studies your small parts warehouses and do an extensive analysis of specific procedures. 

  •  Special warehouses
     Special kinds of storages includes load storages and coil storages.  A load storage creates space   for every kind of steel profile and individual components. And  in coil storages, the individual coils are packed so compactly that they offer a comprehensive solution. 

     Boundless provides customised solutions for above kinds of warehousing techniques. We provide alternate methods to improve your existing processes used in warehouses, so that you get the maximum benefit in terms of storage.

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