Sunday, 6 December 2015

5S As a Concept

5S is an organisation method at work which helps in effective and efficient delivery of work. 5S is a list of five Japanese words. The 5S methodology builds understanding among employees as to how they should work. The concept is part of lean manufacturing approach. It is also known as five pillars of visual workplace in any organisation.
5S concept was coined in Japan for Just in Time manufacturing. The concept has now travelled from manufacturing industry to other industries such as government and healthcare.
The five Japanese words explained:

1. Seiri- Sort- The word means disposing waste and disposing it properly. The term allows all unnecessary items to be at one place and allows it to tag it red. The term also relates to reducing of chances of getting disturbed by all unnecessary items and allows evaluation of necessary items with respect to cost.
2. Seiton- Set in Order- The word means streamline or set in order. This allows waste reduction and saves time. The workflow becomes smooth. The term refers to the arrangement of things in such an order that they can be easily  be selected for use.
3. Seiso- Shine- The word means to sanitise or to scrub. Everything at the workplace should be cleaned which further helps to avoid machinedeterioration.
4. Seiketsu- Standardise- The word allows standardisation of work practices. Everything should be at its place and as per a standard.
5. Shitsuke- Sustain- The term means to do without being told. It says simply that everything should be kept in working order and all the above should be done day in and day out.

Boundless is one of the few organisations which provide assistance in implementing 5S methodologies in your organisation. Boundless also perform regular assessment to check whether existing system / process gives expected results or not along with ideas for further improvement. We check through 5S audits whether everything is working in order or not. 
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