Wednesday, 30 December 2015

5S and PDCA

The 5S culture has to be built across the organisation and is adopted by six sigma practitioners.The methodology in order to stay alive is required to be practiced daily. Coined by the Japanese, it elaborates to the following:

a. Seiri meaning Sort
b. Seiton meaning Set in Order
c. Seiso meaning Shine
d. Seiketsu meaning Standardise

e. Shitsuke meaning Sustain
The PDCA Approach
The Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach or the PDCA approach
In order to set up the 5S methodology, organisations need to follow the PDCA approach.
a. Plan- In this step, organisations make a program plan for each of the S's in 5S.
b.Do- Employees are made to clean up their area at this stage of the PDCA cycle.Training and education is provided to employees and the program's start is officially announced in the organisation.
c.Check- 5S' result evaluation is performed.
d.Act- Preventive measures are taken after evaluation.
What does 5S do to a business ?
5S is acceptable in nearly all types of industry be it service or manufacturing. The approach makes businesses safe to work. The methodology aids in continuous improvement of the business. Once identified as a need, audit documents are created by 5S experts  like us and signed off by respective account or response heads.
The methodology helps businesses to:
1. Improve productivity
2. The methodology becomes a key driver of Kaizan in an organisation
3. Helps improve safety in a business
4. Helps reduce waste thereby leading organisation towards a lean approach.
5. Gives employees a sense of ownership
6. Aids in building customer trust
7. Helps in reputation management
8. Helps improve product quality
9. Aids in maintenance
10.Help introduce other methodologies
11. Improves working environment

5S methodology evaluates a business' approach and aids in housekeeping. It also lays a standard that is common across industries as well as across verticals inside a single organisation.For more details on 5S, call us at +91 8459136607 ; +91-9717771415 or e-mail at info@boundlessindia.comor visit us at

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