Sunday, 6 December 2015

ISO 19770

ISO/IEC 19770  is a family of standards for IT asset management. It encompasses standards for defining processes and technology for effective IT asset management. The standard is also combined with other management system standards.
ISO 19770 refers to the standardisation of IT asset management in an organisation.
Working Group 21 is responsible for day to day management of this standard. With Roger Cummings as a chairperson, the organisation ensures that these standards meet the growing market requirements.
Advantages of implementing the standard are:
1. Overall cost reduction in IT asset management
2. Risk management in IT assets.
3. Availability of information for improved decision-making
There are parts of ISO 19770 standard:
1. ISO/IEC 19770-1- It is a process framework that allows an organisation to prove that it is implementing the standard to satiate corporate governance. The standard has 27 process areas together with objectives and detailed outcomes defined for each of the process area.
2. ISO/IEC 19770-2- It ensures a standard for software identification tags. The tags give authoritative identifying data for licensed software. The tags can be added by third party vendors, by software creators themselves and by organisations themselves which create tags on their own for software.
3. ISO/IEC 19770-3- The standard gives the technical definition of a schema that encapsulate the details of software entitlements such as rights. The standard is still in draft mode.
4. ISO/IEC 19770-4- The standard provides information on resource utilization measurement information structures. The standard defines a structure for effective use of resources related to IT assets. The standard is used in conjunction with ISO/IEC 19770-2 and ISO/IEC 19770-3 to give enhanced and automated processes for IT asset management.
5. ISO/IEC 19770-5- The standard gives an overview of all ISO/IEC standards and vocabulary. It also contains information on software asset management and a description on principles and approaches on which software asset management is based. This standard caters to all kinds of organisations eg non-profit, government, private, commercial etc.

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