Monday, 25 January 2016

Safety Guidelines For Effective Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management is an efficient process when some guidelines are followed by all working in a warehouse. Here are a few guidelines that help you with warehousing.

  • ·         While handling sharp or pointed objects or materials, you ought to wear gloves.
  • ·         One should not climb racks but use lifting devices or standard- approved ladders for elevated places.
  • ·         One should keep clear of areas where fire-fighting devices, exits, electrical control panels or alarms are present.
  • ·         While working in perilous places, approved eye protection should be used.
  • ·         While working in areas that include harmful chemicals,  protective clothing and other defensive equipments should be used.
  • ·         When not being used, the moving hand trolleys and trucks should be kept at their respective places and should be not kept in mid way prohibiting the passage unnecessarily.
  • ·         Materials should be stored in a stable position.  
  • ·         Nails and other sharp objects should be kept away from passages.
  • ·         A minimum of 18 inches distance should be maintained from heads of sprinklers.
  • ·         Chemical drums or other storage devices need to be checked regularly for leakage and heat. They should also be away from fire.
  • ·         Round materials should be prevented from rolling by either tying them up or by choking them.
  • ·         Long pipes, bars and other materials that are out of the racks or their storage places should be flagged.
  • ·         Gas cylinders should be stored in a straight position and should be prevented from falling off.
  • ·         Other flammable materials should be stored away from fire or excessive heat.
  • ·         Packing materials when not in use should be thrown away immediately.
  • ·         Use signs extravagantly wherever possible. For example signs of exit or of dangerous materials can be used.  

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