Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What Is The Need To Outsource the Audit of Warehouse Process ?

Warehousing is the procedure of storing materials in a warehouse. It allows the storage, inspection, verification and delivery of a product, keeping its quality intact, from a manufacturer to an end consumer.It also becomes important for good warehousing, to have a supplier with utmost quality and an inventory which gives the desired results.

From time to time, a warehouse may be audited to bring in a separate procedure of warehousing that is efficient in both time and cost. The auditing procedure works best when it is outsourced to businesses such as Boundless.

There are quite few key things that drivesa business to outsource warehouse process audits which are as follows:


If a customer has principal place of business in Delhi and has a warehouse in some other location such as Mumbai/ Bangalore / MP etc. then it is imperative for him/her to outsource the warehouse process audit procedure to some other organisation.


If a customer has a requirement to audit a warehouse in say 90 days then it becomes crucial for him/her to hire an external auditor to meet the deadline especially when warehouses to be audited are more in number.

If a company deals in different sectors

If a company deals in multiple sectors, then it is required to have common consultant who can help them across the sectors such as in case of audits of warehouse having distinct kinds of inventory etc. in which case boundless is one of them.

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