Saturday, 2 January 2016

Warehouse Management

What is warehouse management ?

Warehouse management is the management of raw materials, goods and services . The management of goods into an organisation, some internal processing of goods and after processing movement of goods out of the organisation to the end customer. Now all the above functions are being outsourced to other businesses. More supply chain partners means supply chain management concept creation. Outsourcing these functions means to increase the number of organisations that satisfy customer demand and reduce control of everyday logistics operations.

 Why audit a warehouse ?
1.       Warehouses can become trouble if not audited for effective processes. This might later on lead to losses.
2.       Not auditing a warehouse can lead to deterioration of customer relations.
3.       In everyday normal movement of goods, baselines or standards are not considered. Baselines give a measure of performance for a process.
4.       Creation of warehouse baselines also bring in new technology.
5.       Auditing a warehouse helps in identifying redundancy in process.
6.       Non-audit of a warehouse may result into warehouse damage due to careless handling of goods.
7.       A warehouse audit is executed for controlling costs. This is done by comparing current warehouse cost with the warehouse cost last month or last quarter or last year.
8.       An audit is performed for process controls. Every warehouse has a sequence to follow to get the job done. Processes of a single warehouse may be different from processes of another warehouse. How effective is one is known by a warehouse process audit. For warehouse process audits firms such as Boundless help you achieve profit.

How a warehouse stays successful?
1.       Audit it from time to time
2.       Hire an external auditor for supply chain management
3.       Create metrics, reports that act as an early detector of warehouse trouble
4.       Discover and correct damage control of warehouse
5.       Keep customer relations intact and give utmost customer service

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